Business and Finance Workshops

in order of occurrence

Accounting, Auditing and Government Compliance Update for Independent Schools

by Michael Loewen

This workshop will cover proposed changes to financial statement presentation, as well as changes to the reporting of the FORM ES, and the SOPSOC Forms for BC Independent Schools.


Canadian CSI Pension Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen

The Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions see Target-Benefit retirement plans as the best model for the future. In this workshop we will examine how the CSI Pension Plan, which is a Target-Benefit plan, provides cost efficiencies and minimizes retirement risks for schools and employees.


Café Learning

By Jeff Covey

Authentic learning happens when inquisitive people get together in dynamic spaces where ideas are shared, explored, debated and put to the test. Building responsive, modern functionality into educational facilities is an essential element to help students and staff capture new levels of success. DIRTT Environmental Solutions is embracing changing curriculum models while leveraging technology to provide fast, cost certain, flexible and sustainable construction in the PreK-12 Education environment.  Thoughtful and innovative construction methods are now available.


Planning for the Future of Your Capital Assets:  What if You Have a Loss?  What if You Don’t?

by Tim Scoon


Ensuring a stable future takes planning, and that includes risk management. Broadly speaking, as it relates to your capital assets, there are two outcomes:  you will experience a loss event (such as a fire or flood), or you will consume your capital assets through use and time. Either way, you need to be prepared. Join Timothy Scoon of Suncorp Valuations as he discusses critical components of your forward looking stability planning: insurance values and capital planning.


Charitable Tax Framework 101

by Tim Williams

SCSBC’s Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts gives parents access to a legitimate charitable receipting option resulting in considerable benefit to those who pay tuition fees to Christian schools. SCSBC has invested significant time, energy and resources in the defense of the framework, which has resulted in a high degree of understanding and acceptance by Canada Revenue Agency. This workshop is designed to get new users of the framework up and running. This workshop assists new business managers understand IC75-23 and using the SCSBC charitable tax framework.  During the workshop, we will also discuss recent challenges for some Alberta schools and how the receipting framework can be modified.


Benchmarking Reports for Schools

by Tim Williams

How does your school compare to similar sized schools? SCSBC

has been providing benchmarks for many years. This workshop explains the benchmarking tool and how you can use it as part of your school’s budget process.


Healthy Choices: Adding Value To Your Health Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen

One size does not necessarily fit all. The CSI Insurance Plan recognizes this and is designed to ensure that benefits can be tailored to suit individual employees personal needs. This session will explain how offering employees individual choice of the five plans can maximize the Plan’s cost effectiveness by helping schools and employees save money while enjoying more choice.


Legal Considerations for Independent Schools
10 things to think about and some free legal advice

by Ken Volkenant

Our firm has assisted independent Christian schools with legal matters for over 25 years. We have identified recurring themes and issues that ultimately lead to a call to our office for help. We know that calls to our office are often a last resort made reluctantly. In this session, we will identify and explore some areas that lead to that call, focusing on Director Duties and Board Dynamics, Corporate and Contract Matters and Charity Matters.  The focus will be practical and hopefully provide a few helpful takeaways for attendees. The goal is to be informal and interactive – questions are always welcomed. Challenges that we plan to touch on include:

• Failure to Understand Duties and Role of a Director

• Failure to Recognize and Deal with Conflicts of Interest

• Inadequate Board Planning

• Ineffective Use of External Advisors

• Failure to Deal with Constitution, Bylaw and Membership Issues

• Inadequate Consideration of Insurance and Asset Protection

• Improper Solicitation of Investments

• Failure to Ensure Basic Charity Compliance

• Failure to Maintain Direction and Control

• Improper Fundraising and Participating in Abusive Tax Shelter and Other Schemes


The Financing Environment  for Independent Schools and Non-profits

by Jason Humeniuk

In this workshop, we will discuss current financing trends and interest rate forecasts for commercial lending as well as lender policies that could negatively impact financing options available to faith-based schools.


Time Management

by Tim Williams

This workshop focuses on a Covey model of time management that incorporates a whole of life perspective to time management. Come and learn some tools that may assist you to be both more efficient and effective in fulfilling your mission.


Business and Finance Roundtable

facilitated by Tim Williams

Join your colleagues around the table for questions and answers, peer input, and brainstorming solutions to your business and finance office conundrums.



Development Workshops

in order of occurrence

A Vision for a Thriving Development and Community Relations Program: Keeping what’s important as your community focus

by Tim Caughey

Our working environment is one of programs, advertising, promo-tion, capital campaigns events, publications and ideas coming from every quarter of our community, relating to priorities and opinions of how best we can and should run our departments. There is always so much going on! In this workshop we will endeavour to find clear strategies and practical ways of staying focused on our core business and values, so that we are pulling together and growing a purposeful community in everything we do.


Why (or Why Not) Establish a Legacy Fund for Your School

by Dave Broughton and Marinus Koole

With this low interest environment, traditional legacy funds (commonly simply understood as endowments) are not keeping up with the times. Recipient charities and donors are wondering if these traditional tools are still effective, or if there are alternatives which are better suited for the times in which we find ourselves. Christian Stewardship Services have been helping their partner charities answer these questions for 40 years, and will be exploring the misconceptions of these types of tools, and provide best practices in resourcing your school in establishing or maintaining your own legacy fund. By the end of the presentation you will have a better appreciation of the mechanics of a legacy program, and understand the support offered by CSS through their partnership with SCSBC so you can decide whether this flexible tool is a viable option for your school.


Media Relations

by Amy Robertson

A call from the media can be off-putting, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing what to do when they call can make all the difference. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how and when to respond to media calls, how to develop key messages, and whom to choose as a spokesperson. We’ll also talk about choosing a strategy that works for your school. Should you be proactive? Responsive? When and why? And can the media be trusted? If you’re an independent school administrator or communications or development professional, and you’d like to feel more confident about the way you relate to the media, this workshop is for you.


Enrollment Strategies for Marketing and Recruitment

by Jim MacKenzie

In this workshop, we’ll look at what Christian schools can do to solve the three big marketing problems: how to generate more leads, close more leads, and retain more students.


Capital Campaign Panel

Facilitated by Cathy Kits, Panelists: Clara Atagi, Chris Berghuis, Christine Bomhof,  Jennifer Milley and Arusha Vegt

Learn about best practices for implementing a major capital campaign for your school. Our four panelists will answer some pre-set questions such as:

  • How do we know if our project is feasible?
  • What do we need to have in place prior to launching a campaign?
  • What are the essential components of a capital campaign?

There will also be time for you to ask the panelists your questions.


Leveraging Mobile Devices for Increased Parent Engagement and Student Success

by Trevor Cox

Learn about engaging with students and parents where they are today: on their smartphones and mobile devices. Should you use email, text messaging, or push notifications? What are the trends with school websites? Mobile-friendly content. Pull versus push of information. Student time management in a post-paper world. Measuring engagement. Integrating the increasing number of online tools used in a school.


Development Roundtable

facilitated by  Cathy Kits and Tim Caughey

Join your colleagues around the table for questions and answers, peer input, and brainstorming solutions  Choose your focus – small or larger school situations.



Keynote Presentation by Jim McKenzie

Clarifying our Christian Vision: What We Can Learn from Apple


What are the advantages of being vision-driven as a Christian school (as opposed to mission-led)? How do we connect our vision, mission, and values to our communication, marketing, differentiation, development, and leadership.

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