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 Business and Finance Workshops

in order of occurrence

Accounting, Auditing and Government Compliance Update for Independent Schools

by Michael Loewen


PowerPoint Handout


Café Learning

By Jeff Covey


PowerPoint Handout


Resource Package



Legal Considerations for Independent Schools
10 things to think about and some free legal advice

by Ken Volkenant


PowerPoint Handout


Time Management

by Tim Williams

This workshop focuses on a Covey model of time management that incorporates a whole of life perspective to time management. Come and learn some tools that may assist you to be both more efficient and effective in fulfilling your mission.


PowerPoint Handout




Development Workshops

in order of occurrence

A Vision for a Thriving Development and Community Relations Program: Keeping what’s important as your community focus

by Tim Caughey


PowerPoint Handout


Why (or Why Not) Establish a Legacy Fund for Your School

by Dave Broughton and Marinus Koole


Webinar -


Media Relations

by Amy Robertson


PowerPoint Handout


Enrollment Strategies for Marketing and Recruitment

by Jim MacKenzie


PowerPoint - pdf of both the keynote and the workshop slides


Leveraging Mobile Devices for Increased Parent Engagement and Student Success

by Trevor Cox


PowerPoint Handout

Keynote Presentation by Jim McKenzie

Clarifying our Christian Vision: What We Can Learn from Apple


Speaker Notes - pdf  |  Word


Powerpoint - pdf of both the keynote and the workshop slides


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